Meet Str8jacket’s Executive & Artistic Director, JC Caoile!

JC co-founded Str8jacket in the summer of 2012. From the beginning, JC believed Str8jacket should be founded on hard work, discipline, creativity and passion. He made Str8jacket a no-audition team because he wanted dancers of diverse backgrounds and also because of his ideology that every dancer has the potential to become skilled with discipline and passion.

Now 6 years later, this ideology helped Str8jacket win the audience with a standing ovation at World of Dance Bay Area 2016 with our “Revolution Set”, place 1st at World of Dance Los Angeles 2017 with our “Steampunk Set”, place 1st at World of Dance Bay Area 2017 with our “Oni Set”, and compete in America’s Got Talent Season 12. All while Str8jacket is able to continue its mission of giving back to the community.

Did we mention JC is also founder, Executive and Artistic Director of Str8jacket’s youth team, Krazy8??? Watch their debut set at Collaboration and Breakthrough 2018 here!

While JC loves the challenge of creating competitive sets, his true passion is actually in creative production. He hopes to in the future be able to create a live dance production similar to Cirque Du Soleil and create more meaningful concept videos.

View some of JC’s other work here:

** Str8jacket is currently hosting a variety of Summer Fundraisers so that they can perform and compete at BET Experience 2018, World of Dance Championships 2018, and World of Dance Bay Area, 2018. Visit the links below to help donate** 

Click links below y'all

Click links below y'all