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Donate to Str8jacket

Please help Str8jacket perform at BET Live Experience, World of Dance Championship, and World of Dance Bay Area this Summer!


Since performing for A Free Birdโ€™s gala for pediatric cancer in New York last November, Str8jacket has committed most of its time to giving back to and performing for the community. Weโ€™ve performed for San Franciscoโ€™s Asian Pacific American (APA) Heritage Awards, San Mateo Countyโ€™s May Mental Health Awareness Month (MMHAM) Kick Off Event, DAMSF, Wornick's Jewish Day School Dance Showcase Fundraiser, and Northgate High Schoolโ€™s Mental Health Benefit. 

Now, we would like to ask the community back for their support to help us make a memorable Summer season! Throughout June and July, we will be hosting: 
A Friends & Family Showcase
Summer Workshops with Str8jacket choreographers and guests
Merchandise Sales!!

Please help us by attending our fundraising events, purchasing our merch, and spread the word about our fundraisers!!

How to Donate?

Venmo: @Str8jacketdance

Or contact us directly if you wish to support us is alternative ways.


New Merch Interest List

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in our new merchandise.

*ย Specifically our NEW "dad hat"/baseball cap design!

** Please feel free to write down any other merch you might be interested in

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