Meet Truth De Leon Gemora - Founder of TruGem Lifestyle

Truth De Leon Gamora is like a mom of the Str8jacket community due to her son Darien’s past involvement in our competitive team. This is due to her undying support for the team, attending all performances, advertising our events, and donating to our efforts while and after her son was competing with us. She is the creator and founder of her own clothing line, TruGem Dance, an emphasis of a dance and fitness lifestyle. We decided to sit down with Ruth (over some Philz Coffee) to get to know her and her motivations behind the TruGem brand.

Why did you decide to pursue Fashion?

Truth De Leon Gemora: I grew up with two other sisters in my household, so we would love to dress up ourselves and each other. I always wanted people’s clothing to be comfortable and sexy - active wear, but still very fashionable. And I always wanted it to be affordable wear, nothing overpriced.

What started your interest in the business?

TG: I had heard of other people selling their clothes on Amazon and other websites, and saw success in it. I was also a production assistant for Old Navy, and worked at a fabric store, so I knew the clothing market pretty well. I know that the the body is your accent to your clothing. It is not about the brand name, I try to avoid big brand names in my collection of clothing.

What are your inspirations for TruGem?

TG: My main inspirations are lifestyle and fashion. And dancers that have a great fashion sense. The clothing needs to be relatable to all types of dance. I want to be a stylist for other dancers and fashion in general. I’m dreaming big. I see it as “go big or go home”. My mom was a teacher and a nurse, and I saw how hard she worked just to survive. I want to make her proud. My mom is my number 1 fan and I just tell myself to keep going for her.

How did you come up with the name TruGem?

TG: I got the name from my birth name, Truth, and the idea of a gem being something special. My clothing represents people who are genuinely and truly special, or gems. I take the time to find clothes that are fit enough for people.

What were some challenges you’ve faced creating TruGem?

TG: Well first of all I’m not a graphic designer, so that was a big problem when creating the website’s look. I did a lot of researching online, looking at other clothing websites and how they presented their products. I really wanted to keep the focus of the website on the actual clothing I was selling. Shipping is also really hard. Sometimes people from other countries ask for a product and I still need to make sure they receive the same service as someone in this country would get it. It’s a whole process, and pretty complicated. I would take workshops on website design to find more ideas. In terms of my website, I took risks with it in comparison to other clothing websites so that it has its own unique style. I would look at other websites and challenge myself to go beyond what they were doing, and to highlight my clothing even more.

How exactly is your website different from other clothing websites?

TG: Besides what I said before, I’ve noticed that most marketers do not sell clothes for the same reasons as mine are for. The market for specifically dance and activewear is not very common.

Is TruGem for everyone? All genders?

TG: So far, the clothings that we are selling are for the ladies but we will start selling men's apparel soon! I want our clothes to stay true to dancing and fitness but adding a little bit of a G (gangsta, gem, general) to it. The styles that we offer right now will reflect more on the 90’s and for the younger people (mostly tight and fitted clothing) because it's what's popular right now. I am recently seeing the 70’s and baggy clothes coming back so I might look more into that. We will definitely expand more depending on customer demands. Also looking through different trends in other countries such as Japan and Korea.

What are some goals you have for your website?

TG: My personal goal is to be like my idol and inspiration, Sara Blakely the billionaire! I will try my very best to get to the top. Have all different dance studios and dancers to have my clothes. Of course to get know inside and outside of the country but still staying true to home. Let people know I’m from the bay. Also hoping to style and design my own clothing in the future. The most important goal is to spread the purpose of TruGem. That it’s not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. To get people motivated to workout, dream big, dance! And just inspire people to follow their heart.

Truth’s website has been recently shipping to places outside of the country and is continuing to grow. She has shipped her very first order from Germany which she is so proud of. Truth has been through rough times but still strives to move up. Having to raise two talented children, Darian and Maya Gamora, and succeeding in her business makes her such an inspirational woman. She continues to grow and inspire people through her clothing, dances, work out, and even daily posts on instagram. She make sure that people understand that in life, the choice is on you to succeed. As her instagram Bio for her website says, “Don’t be a hard rock when you really are a GEM.”

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