Cool Kids Kick Off World of Dance U.S. Tour 2017

Check out the post by Lara J. Altunian

While NBC’s new competition show “World of Dance” starts May 30, the live tour that launched the show is heating up: On April 1, World of Dance’s 2017 tour made the first of 15 U.S. stops.

In Pomona, Calif., more than 40 crews competed, mostly with hop hop and urban styles. But WOD, among the largest international urban dance competitions, now incorporates dancers who mix in other dance styles: In a first for World of Dance, two ballroom couples, DNA and Luka & Jenalyn, were headline performers.


Lara J. Altunian is the L.A. Correspondent for She is a master's graduate from the University of Southern California who is interested in visual and interactive storytelling. She has been a dance reporter for Ampersand LA, written dance show features for LA STAGE Alliance's @ This Stage Magazine and published performance reviews in and Stage and Cinema.

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