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Kinesthesis - No Mirror Movement's 1st Full Length Production

  • Joe Goode Annex 401 Alabama Street San Francisco, CA, 94110 United States (map)

No Mirror Movement presents:

Kinesthesis: A dance show exploring ourselves/ in relationship/ to community.

June 22nd at 2 and 7 pm
Joe Goode Annex
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Every day, we are asked to show up: for ourselves, our friends, families, lovers, and for our communities both immediate and on a larger scale. The way we show up reverberates to all other engagements. This belief is at the core of No Mirror Movement: the more we accept and love ourselves, the more we can accept and love one another, inviting us to engage in our communities more justly, righteously, and consciously.

No Mirror Movement's first show, Kinesthesis, explores exactly this. This season, each member of the all-levels dance company identified a personal self, relational, or community-centered goal. This show is an expression of the work we have done this season to work towards these goals through practices of somatic healing, challenging norms and building community; we have explored how we relate to ourselves and others through dance, and how we use this higher movement to communicate the incommunicable.

In order to understand what is present for each of us, we used storytelling, somatic exercises, and journaling to find what was true and urgent for each of us. Much of this work began with getting in touch with our movement: the movements inside of our bodies (the temperature of our breath, the places of tension, the rhythm of our blood coursing), the movements among one another (the way we share space, our relationship to touch, how we enter a dance cypher), our movements within the world at large (how we take up space, where we hold back).

Getting in touch with this bodily wisdom is where this work starts for us and is where this Spring show derives its name. Take the Latin roots for “sense of” and “movement” and there you have it: kinesthesis.

We invite you to join us in this celebration of the wisdom found in our individual bodies, relational bodies, and collective bodies.

Understanding the strength of growth within community, this show is more than just entertainment, but a request for you to witness this celebration and prayer for individual, relational, and collective growth and healing.

Founded by Sammy ‘SammyMac’ Ethridge

Performance Cast:

Briana Maltez (poet, dancer)
JT Ebarvia (dancer)
Juliette Blank (choreographer, dancer)
Kristie Lui (choreographer, dancer)
Leah Worthington (choreographer, dancer)
Lia Woertendyke (visuals, dancer)
Pita Meanata (choreographer, poet, dancer)
Sammy Ethridge (choreographer, dancer)
Scotty (choreographer, dancer)
Tatyana Topsana (choreographer, dancer)