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Get Jiggy Wit It! A 1V1 Dance Battle

  • Str8jacket Dance Company 25 37th Avenue San Mateo, CA, 94403 United States (map)

Blast to the past with Str8jacket! We will be hosting a 1V1 All-Styles 90s-Themed Dance Battle!!! This is Str8jacket's 2nd annual Winter/Spring Dance Battle. We are dedicated to bringing dance events to the Peninsula for the Bay Area Dance Community.

- 16+ (bring your ID please)

- Saturday, April 6th, 2019
- 8:30 PM

- CY Danceworks: 25 37th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403 (entrance at the back door!)

- $10 pre-sale (limited time!)
To purchase: VENMO @Str8jacketdance with these details:
1) Your Name
2) Your Email
3) Phone Number
4) How many tickets you are buying
Once paid, we will then e-mail you a confirmation.

- $15 at door (cash/venmo)

- 1V1 battle, prizes, Live DJ, snacks, drinks, and MORE!!!


- Check-in at the door, plus security bag check.
- Coat check is located upstairs
- 21+ wrist bands. Drink prices TBD.
- Individuals causing harm to others, themselves, or damaging property will be escorted out of the building.
- Help keep our studio clean! Let us know if you see a spill and we'll take care of it!
- Do NOT litter. Throw your garbage in trash bins please.
- Str8jacket and CY Danceworks are not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen property.


In response to the Know Your Rank Battle in December 2018, the freestyle community came together for two town halls to 1) hear the experiences of women and non-binary folx regarding unsafety, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and toxic masculinity both in and out of the dance community, and 2) to discuss appropriate changes to battles, events, etc. to ensure the Bay Area is living up to its reputation of inclusivity and progressive values.

There is work to be done in our community to dismantle patriarchy in service of our shared love and commitment to dance, street styles and club styles. It is clear our community cares about each other and wants to do better, so we invite this in by modeling this intention in our battle.

For our event, any violation of personal space, touching, display of sexually derogatory gestures that perpetuate oppression towards women and queer folx, or other acts of disrespect will immediately disqualify dancers from the battle. Since different cultures are coming together in an all styles battles, these are boundaries that we want to establish for the safety of all of our dancers.

- Each dancer will have 45 seconds to freestyle to a style of their choice. The order will be predetermined based on listed styles, and dancers will be brought up in a small group, then asked to go one at a time.
- Judges will score all dancers on a 1-10 scale, and the top 8 will be determined by highest cumulative points
- A bracket with 4 pairings will be generated

Top 8 & 4
- Battling dancers can decide who goes first. However, if both dancers want to go first or last, we will spin a bottle to determine the order.
- Each dancer will battle twice to a style of their choice. Each dancer will have 45 seconds per battle (1.5 minute total per dancer)
- Judges will vote by pointing after both dancers have gone twice, and the dancer with more votes will advance to the next round
- Format: A → B → A → B → vote

Final 2
- The order will be determined by spinning a bottle
- Each dancer will battle up to 3 times. Each dancer will have 1 minute per battle (up to 3 minutes total per dancer)
- Judges will vote by pointing after each round, and the first dancer to win two rounds will win!!
- Format: A → B → vote → A → B → vote (→ A → B → vote)

1st place: $50 cash prize + Str8jacket merch + drink ticket
2nd place: Str8jacket merch + drink ticket
3rd & 4th places: drink ticket
Best 90s outfit: drink ticket
**All proceeds goes to Str8jacket's fundraiser! For more information, click the link below!

Hosted by Sammy Maxc (@sammymacsomatics) and jams by DJ Dennis Infante (@dennisvsfood)

Come watch with us or join the battle with your judges:
Duncan Padilla (@dunkiedonuts) from Full Potential Dance 😱 
The waacking genius, Alice Hur (@wondhurland) 🤯
Str8jacket’s very own Namaad Jackson (@namaadjackson) 🥰