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2019 Italian Heritage Parade

  • Fisherman’s Wharf Jefferson and Powell Streets (map)

Admission to the parade including the Bank of America Concorso Italiano Auto Show on Union Street is FREE!

The Route

The Parade begins at 12:30 pm at the foot of Jefferson and Powell Streets in Fisherman’s Wharf, proceeds south through North Beach on Columbus Avenue and ends in Washington Square in front of Saints Peter and Paul Church. Parade viewing is available throughout the entire route.

Rules and Guidelines for Attending the Italian Heritage Parade:

Attendees may not:

• Block any entrances or impede foot/vehicle traffic

• Engage in physical abuse

• Disrupt parade entrants in any way or form

• Possess firearms, firebombs or other weapons

• Engage in theft/vandalism

• Climb on any personal or city owned property (i.e. lamp posts, barricades, structures, etc.)

• Wear masks or any other face cover (this excludes any individual that wears face covering due to their culture/religion)

• Approach any float or attempt to get on the float during the parade

• Throw objects at any parade entrant

Attendees are required to:

• Comply with the instructions and directions of law enforcement or parade officials

• Not grab, rattle, lean on, move or otherwise disturb physical barricades or barricade tape

• Be dressed in full clothing (nudity will not be tolerated under any circumstances)