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Donate to Str8jacket so that we can team up with A Free Bird™ to help pediatric cancer patients find the artists in themselves. Every donation counts.

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Hello Fellow Supporter:

Str8jacket is a dance team from San Mateo, California. We were honored with an invitation from A Free Bird, a non-profit organization, to perform for their upcoming November fundraiser in New York. We are writing to you in hopes of receiving donations to fund our team’s way to New York.

Str8jacket was founded in 2012, and advocates a welcoming environment to dancers of all levels; we pride ourselves with our openness to new members. Our goal is to help dancers of all ages and of all levels discover their inner passions through dance and self-expression. Our hope is to use our artistic medium, dance, to inspire children and raise their spirits as they go through cancer treatments. Therefore, we collectively decided to employ all our efforts and skills to perform for A Free Bird’s annual Gala.

A Free Bird provides children, young patients with cancer, the opportunity to learn art and freedom of expression. Through A Free Bird’s efforts, cancer-stricken children are able to experience the joy of self-expression during their battle with cancer. Having a positive attitude and developing passionate hobbies can significantly impact how patients recover. Art programs are the first to go in our competitive society, however, self-expression is critical in personal development. Teaching children the joy of art, dance, or music at a young age can provide them with necessary skills to cope with traumatic experiences.

Children are the future. With every little bit of assistance, whether it be medically or spiritually, these children receive a chance to heal. We are incumbent to do our best to provide children with an opportunity to grow and develop while they remain able to do so. I implore you to be a positive force in these children's lives. I implore you to give Str8jacket a chance to inspire these kids. I implore you to donate to our cause. Your donation will help touch so many more lives than you can ever imagine.

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A Free Bird

is a non-profit arts organization helping children with cancer through therapeutic arts.

A Free Bird is a volunteer-run non-profit organization committed to helping children, as young as four years old, fight cancer through the healing power of art and expression. Recognized by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and honored by Mayor Bill DeBlasio for our philanthropic efforts, we provide art education resources to hospitals and pediatric cancer patients to help them express their ideas and develop their passions while enduring treatment.


A Free Bird was established in 2008 and became a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization by January 2011.